MyanTel group is for telecommunication related products and operations with its NFSi License offering Digital Social Impact projects, distribution and Enterprise Solutions. The group has always been closely related to telecoms, government bodies and media in the space of changing digital landscape in Myanmar.



Regional Mobile Communications Project – SIM card bundling branded local-rate mobile services, music & video, games, education contents and money remittance to Myanmar demographic groups across Asia and worldwide.


Major SIM card distributor of one of the telcos. Mobile Handsets and airtime distribution with full knowledge about local market and challenges around it. Moreover, have built trustful and valid relationships with current telco’s point of sales and reseller shops since 2012.


Digital Transformation projects which are majorly operate in social impact project for digital transformation across the nation. Providing Smarter Engagement Solutions in Mobile Centric Approach for enterprises in order to engage their customers.

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